Legends Cars National Championship with MRF Tyres is delighted to report Sean Smith, last year’s Vice-Champion, is back at home today as he recovers from a very nasty 60mph-plus accident on Sunday in the Live Action Arena at the Autosport International Show.

Sean was transferred to hospital following the head-on accident, which left him extremely badly shaken and bruised, but the safety features of the car thankfully did their job and he fortunately has no broken bones.

“I’ve been able to come home from hospital this afternoon [Tuesday], basically as soon as I could walk they let me leave”, explains Sean. “It was a big accident, the throttle got stuck open at the end of the straight and there was nowhere to go – you’re so close to the walls in the arena.

“I’m very sore, a lot of bruising, and my back and neck muscles have spasmed quite a lot. My left leg is pretty bad, they had to stitch my chin up and the belts made my balls black and blue! I do feel a bit better today, I’m generally pretty badly beaten up.

“I couldn’t believe it happened in the last run of the weekend, I’d really been enjoying the show up to that point and we were having a great time. It’s just bad luck, one of those things.

“I do hope that’s my bad luck for the year out of the way and we can have a great year in the championship! I just need to get lots of rest now and recover as quickly as I can.”

All at Legends Cars send their absolute best wishes to Sean for a very speedy recovery.