Legends Cars – A Unique formula in british motor racing

If wheel to wheel, big grid racing is what you like, the Legends boys will restore your love of motorsport. They’ll really entertain you! with 4 or 5 races per round, reversed grids and more overtaking in one race than in a year of Formula One!

For the last few seasons, these 5/8 scale replicas of 1930s Fords, Chevys and Dodges have been gripping the nation with a unique blend of extremely addictive and hotly contested racing entertainment. Boasting a gutsy 125bhp Yamaha 1200cc motorcycle engine capable of speeds in excess of 120mph along with catapult acceleration, these ‘Pocket Rockets’ are designed to thrill!

Equal performance and reversed grids guarantee exciting, hard-fought, nose-to-tail racing and allow the drivers’ talent to shine through – come and enjoy all of the action across the UK this year.

…it’s the U.S. motorsport sensation that put’s the spectators first, check ‘em out:

• 1930’s American Replicas (Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Sedans & Coupe’s)
• Short, sharp & furious races (4 or 5 races per round)
• Big reversed grids create spectacularly close racing
• Unique 122 bhp, 125mph space frame, retro-styled racers
• A true crowd pleaser…


…and the friendliest paddock in motorsport!