Go Racing… Legends style!

An Introduction

Are you interested in racing a Legends Car? Have you seen them race and wondered what they are like to drive?
Our fully comprehensive guide will show you how you can be racing with the top drivers in Legends in no time.
Read the information below, in no time at all you could be Legends racer yourself!

MSA Licence

If you are new to racing and you don’t have your MSA Licence, obtain your ‘Go Racing’ Pack from the MSA. This pack will tell what is required to apply for your competition licence.


Novice racing drivers will be obliged to undergo a half days training at one of the Association of Racing Drivers’ Schools (ARDS), before they can obtain a National B Licence.
Any one who does not possess a Race Licence (apart from certain exceptions, see below) must first apply to the MSA for a “Go Racing” Pack. The pack contains – among other information – a “Competitors Yearbook”, a DVD and a novice licence application form. The pack contains simple instructions on the procedure for obtaining a Race National B Licence.

Buying a Brand New Car

If you are interested in purchasing a race ready Legend, why not come and have a chat with us. There are plenty of options to choose from!
We would love to chat at one of our events, or simply drop us a email using our contact form.

Arrive & Drive

If you don’t want to commit to the purchase of a Legends Car and perhaps prefer to let somebody prepare and maintain your car then arrive and drive might be the ideal answer.
There are several friendly, helpful and professional teams ready to help you get out on track, all offering:
• Effortless racing
• Minimal set-up costs
• Professional team environment
Contact 600 Racing (UK) for friendly advice and guidance.

Join the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC)

By becoming a member of the BARC, you are joining one of the world’s most established and successful motor racing clubs. BARC’s members cover every aspect of motorsport and have always included many of the best known, most respected personalities in the sport.


That’s it, time to go racing!