Organisers of the Legends Cars Championship with MRF Tyres are celebrating the fantastic global exposure which the 2022 season broadcasts have been achieving, with hundreds of thousands of armchair enthusiasts and casual sports fans watching the fast-paced action round-by-round.

Just a couple of days before the 2022 season roars back into action at Donington Park National Circuit this weekend, 20th/21st August, figures collated by the category’s broadcast partner Digitex Television show a tremendous – and increasing – following for the Legends Cars.

In addition to the boosted online availability this year through the championship’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, which more than doubled the original audience, another major boon has been the exposure provided by Amazon for the Parc Lane Cars and SulNOx sponsored category.

One of the world’s biggest digital platforms, Amazon Video has a reach of over 100 million members globally and in the UK alone Smart TVs are in approximately 11 million homes. Add in the prevalence of laptops, streaming media players, iOS phones, tablets, Fire tablets and Fire sticks, among other devices, the reach is truly impressive.

Per Legends Cars programme, figures show between 300,000 and 600,000 accumulative viewers are achieved on Amazon in the UK, USA and Canada with those numbers increasing over the platform month on month.

On Freesports TV in the UK just under 30,000 viewers are achieved, Samsung TV in the UK and Europe achieves almost 45,000 viewers with 20,000 more on Sporty Stuff and just under 55,000 on MAV TV.

The FOX Sport network across Canada and the Caribbean brings another 50,000 armchair viewers, with Distro TV worldwide delivering an impressive 400,000. Motortrend, meanwhile, takes Legends Cars action to around 600,000 more people throughout Europe.

Benefitting from first class standards of production from Digitex TV, and expert commentary and insight from legendary national motorsport commentator Richard John Neil, the Legends Cars race coverage is providing huge value for championship sponsors Parc Lane Cars, SulNOx and MRF Tyres.

Legends Cars Championship with MRF Tyres Owner Phil Cooper:
“We are absolutely delighted with the figures we’re seeing across the various platforms for this season’s Legends Cars action, with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe – as many as 1.5 million – choosing to watch our races. The quality is second to none and we’re extremely grateful to our partners Parc Lane Cars and SulNOx, without whom the coverage wouldn’t be possible.

“We took a conscious decision this year, with Digitex, to work on providing the very best production possible and including as much onboard footage as well to give fans the best access to our incredible racing. We believe this gives us a fantastic product for our competitors and sponsors, and the figures we’re seeing confirm this has been the right approach to take with top quality programming.”

Rounds 10 and 11 of the Legends Cars Championship with MRF Tyres season take place this weekend at Donington Park following a two-month break from action. Three races will be contested on Saturday, 20th August, at 12.00, 14.35 and 18.15, with three more on Sunday, 21st August, at 12.15, 15.30 and 18.05.